Tips on How to Have a Cleaner Car!

Cars can get messy, inside and out. Washing the outside of your car has many options to go with, but what about keeping the inside of your car clutter free? As cars continue to modernize, and more options become available to buy online, keeping the inside of your car has gotten easier and easier.

Tips for a Cleaner Car:

The first option to keeping your car clean on the inside is to simply utilize the abundance of in-car cubby holes that come with the car. Glove compartments, overhead sunglass holders, and the spaces in your doors can come in handy for storing excess items. The pockets behind your seats can be used as well to store excess papers, and your center console can be used to put your cellphone, GPS, or other devices in to.

Another option is to purchase extra cubby spaces that fit in between your seat and the door, or purchase netting that can go over the seats. Both of these are cost-efficient measures to keep your car clutter free, giving you more spaces to store things that are needed. These organizational tools can be found in most major convenience stores, auto-body shops, and through online retailers like Amazon.

It is important as well to keep your car organized at all times. Plastic and collapsible bins can be used to keep the items in your car from falling all over the place and creating clutter. Some of these bins even have Velcro tape on the bottoms that can be attached to your trunk bottom and stay in place.

Finally, a simple fix to keeping the smaller items from cluttering your car is use ziplock bags to store these smaller items in. The ziplock bags can then be placed in the glove compartment, center console, or door slots to keep those objects from going everywhere. Coins, smaller pieces of paper, makeup, lip gloss, lip stick, and chap stick can all go in there in a place out of the way and easily remembered.

Some actions that haven’t been mentioned yet because they are so obvious are still in order. First: clean your car! Simply removing items that do not need to be in there, trash that has accumulated, and items that should be there but aren’t can be taken care of simply by cleaning the car. Another action that can be taken to ensure that the car doesn’t get cluttered is to buy items that can fit in between the seat and the center console and door to make sure that anything that falls out your pocket doesn’t find its way to the deepest, darkest recesses of your car.

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