The Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

One of the most common options offered to vehicle owners when taking the car in for a check-up is to get the tires rotated. This means that the wheel positions will be switched from front to back or side to side. This process can lead to numerous benefits for your vehicle that can maintain its integrity and your safety.

So what are these benefits, and why is it important to get your tires rotated regularly?

Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

The first benefit is that getting your tires rotated on a regular basis will help preserve and promote handling and traction. Switching the sides that the tires are on will place the tread that is less worn on the opposite side, which maintains traction. In areas with rapidly changing weather conditions—particularly those areas that often have wet or icy roads—this will help maintain your safety.

The second benefit is that it helps to maintain even wearing on the tires. Each wheel experiences specific types of wear in regards to their positioning on a car. For example, the front wheels will necessary wear differently than those on the back because each is responsible for moving the car in different directions. Evening out the wear can help preserve the tire for a longer period of time.

A third benefit is that rotating tires regularly allows for better vehicle performance. Keeping that tread wear even keeps the vehicle moving in the direction it is supposed to. More importantly is that, with regular tire rotation, the car won’t drift to one side or another.

Finally, a fourth benefit of getting your tires rotated on a regular basis is that it increases the gas mileage of your vehicle. The better traction your vehicle has, the less work the engine has to do to move the vehicle forward or backwards. On top of this, even wear of tread prevent the vehicle from pulling to one side or another, which prevents you from having to correct it, which in turn makes the vehicle have better gas mileage.

The benefits from getting your tires rotated ultimately help you preserve your vehicle, your safety, and your money. Another important consideration to take is that many tires manufacturers provide warranties that, in turn, provide free tire rotations with your regular check-up. Therefore, in the end, you may be able to get the tires rotated for free, saving you money up front and in the long run the rotated tires will save you money in gas and necessary repairs.

Tire Rotation and Vehicle Maintenance at Marc’s Transmission in Tom’s River, NJ

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