Three Signs of Transmission Repair

Do you think that your transmission may be wearing out? There are specific signs that you can keep an eye out for when you think that your transmission is wearing out.

  1. The first sign is a problem with shifting gears. This can manifest in many different ways, but all of them occur when the vehicle is changing gears. One way that this can manifest is an engine that is “jumpy” when you shift gears, with the car feeling like it is skidding across the road while accelerating rather than smoothly gaining speed. Another way it can manifest, particularly if you drive a manual transmission, is a grinding feeling when shifting gears.

    2. The second sign that the transmission is on the fritz are strange noises. Though new sounds coming from the car can mean any number of things, there are specific noises that can alert you that something is awry with the transmission. The most common is a whining noise when driving or shifting gears, but it can also sound like a buzz or, in rarer cases, a clunking noise. At the same time, if the vehicle’s normal engines sound louder than normal while the car isn’t moving, the transmission could be going bad as well. Though these noises may not be a problem with the transmission, noises with the car should be checked out regardless.

    3. The third major sign can be found by checking the transmission fluid. Normal transmission fluid is bright red and smells sweet. However, when checking the transmission fluid, if it seems dark, cloudy, or smoky—and smells burnt as well—there is something wrong with the transmission. There needs to be a quick note here: really check the color of the fluid. If it is a bit darker than usual, but still red, this just means that the transmission fluid is getting old and needs to be replaced. If it is dark and dirty, and smells “burnt” there is something wrong with the transmission. It turns this color because the transmission essentially burnt the fluid.

While these are a few of the common signs that the transmission of a vehicle has gone bad, there are other signs that occur that can also mean a bad transmission. If you suspect that something is wrong with the transmission, you should take it into a mechanic. At the same time, it is always a good idea to take the vehicle in for regular check-ups that can spot these problems early and take care of the problem.

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