Keys to Repairing Your Water Pump

Keys To Repairing Your Water Pump

The water pump is an important part of your car’s engine. It helps move the coolant, water mixture through your engine to keep it cool. If you notice that your car is overheating you may have a problem with your water pump. Going to a mechanic to have it fixed will easily set you back hundreds of dollars. Thankfully replacing a water pump is a fairly easy thing to do in most vehicles. So if you’re fairly handy and want to save some money you can avoid going to one of Toms River, New Jersey’s mechanics. Here are some key things to do when repairing your water pump.

First make sure you consult your owner’s manual and speak with someone at your local auto parts store to make sure you get the right water pump, and coolant for your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is install the wrong parts on your vehicle and make the problem worse. Once you confirm you have the right parts it’s time to get to work.

Before you start any work on the engine make sure that the engine is completely cooled down. If you don’t wait you may burn yourself. Detach the negative battery line to ensure that you don’t electrocute yourself while working on the water pump repair. Make sure you have an oil pan or some other type of container for the coolant that’s going to come out when you disconnect the water pump.

Consult your owner’s manual on the best way to remove the belt drive components. After removing that you’re going to remove the hoses that are connected to the water pump. This is when the coolant will come out. Take out the bolts connected to the water pump and then get rid of any remaining sealant from the engine. Check out the other parts of the cooling system to make sure they’re ok. Then install the new pump by following the instructions that come with it. Never force anything, and only apply sealants if they’re recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Wipe off any excess coolant and then reattach the bolts and hoses. Use the coolant to refill the engine, and manually rotate the water pump to make sure it’s working properly. Then reattach the belt drive components, and the negative battery line. Do one visual inspection to make sure everything is attached properly and you’re good to go.

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