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Drunk friend joins in sex

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Drunk friend joins in sex

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Search Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Hence I go up to druni terrace to study under the light next to the stairwell.

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We let her loose and she got up and silently went to the bathroom rubbing jions buttocks. My birthday was about a month after my friend Arun and I had seen my Mom's panty when she accidentally exposed herself to us read part1. We all took our drinks and I had a Pepsi refill and we sat on the carpet in a circle. My Mom was not aware that her skirt ojins parted and she was fully exposed.

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On my wedding night. She was wearing a skirt and loose T-shirt. My Mom did not understand what the commotion was all about. She was unaware that she was giving us a clear view of her crotch. Thank you for your vote! When I looked up I was stunned to see that I could see my Mom's panties clearly as she had folded her legs and her skirt was parted fully. All of us turned and looked at Mom and she looked back at us and said," Ok.

I held her head and returned the kiss and slowly parted her lips with my tongue and French kissed her. We all explained that when the empty brandy bottle stopped spinning and pointed towards a person, that person should pull a slip out of the cap full of slips and do what was on the slip.

So saying her sat in front of her and caught her feet and placed it triend his lap and started massaging her feet. The doorbell rang and I quickly rushed to my room and my Mom grabbed her Nighty and went to the door to let our maid in. I guess she is pretty but for a young boy women are just women and Moms are just Moms.

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The video has been added to your member zone favourites. There are some water tanks which hide us from the neighbouring apartments and hence we can study in peace.

He had a beautiful girlfriend but he never looked at her the way he looked at my Mom. So when my Mom asked me to invite all my friends for my B'day party, I invited this gang of older friends also.

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I quickly had a shower and got dressed for school and came to the dining table for my breakfast. My Mom was pleasantly surprised when my older friends helped her throughout the party frieend she was laughing and joking with them. Special moments of passion combined with steamy oral play, always to end with intense orgasms and the need for more kinky lesbian things, such as finger fucking and toy sharing.

We all ran behind her to catch her and Sanjay who was the tallest guy there caught her and held her around her waist. I said Ok friehd within 2 minutes he was at my doorstep. My Mom just closed her eyes and was reed to whatever was happening and she was also now fully drunk.

They asked her if they can have a small drink and she immediately said," Ok guys, only one more small drink for you guys. We have about 24 such apartments in our area.

We were all silent as we thought that my Mom was angry with us for spanking her bottoms so hard. She reached for the cap and picked a slip and gave it to me to read. This time Mom did not make a fuss and she knew by now that Arun could control the speed of the bottle and that every time she will be the victim. In the meantime the guys had removed some slips that seemed too tame now as the game was moving to a higher level and now everybody were expecting more than when we started playing.

But Arun the referee said that it was just luck that jouns pointed towards her and maybe the bottle liked her better as she was sexy. Though I had a hardon Durnk felt bad for her and asked her if we should stop the game. She stopped kissing me and then moved my head to her breast and reached out to Ajay who was sitting on her left and he started kissing her.

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The slip read "Kiss all the guys one by one for 2 mins each". Arun groaned drunk and shot his cum deep into her and rolled off. Also it hit me that my Mom who had never had any other man in her life was in a gangbang friend 7 guys, one being her son. She turned over contentedly and I ran my hand over her butt and sex her beautiful butt. By this time my Mom had finished her second drink and was quite high and squealed out loudly saying that in that case she will get to spank all the guys as she was the only woman.

There was pin drop silence in the room and she slowly gave me a join on my lips. There was complete silence and all the guys were watching this incestuous fucking right before their eyes.

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I asked then if they fantasized about fucking their mothers and all of them said "Yes". After my Son had fucked me in the morning and left for school I had a nice long bath and recollected all that had happened last night. Her tits were big and her cleavage visible as the blouse was low cut and the saree kept falling of her shoulder. I slowly opened my Mom's room and went in.

We all looked quickly at him for his boldness which of course came from the liquor. I immediately sat up and felt her body all over.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Arun then said," Aunty- there is a penalty for not doing what was on the slip.

As usual it stopped and it was pointing towards Mom.