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Getting my ass stuffed by strangers

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Getting my ass stuffed by strangers

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2. keep it relevant.

We want stranfers to post because you want to, not because your daddy dom or whoever else wants you to. Before you post anything, Please read what we're about if you don't want your post to be removed. Yes, we know about STDs and unwanted pregnancies and how our behavior might impact our relationships. Also, While we firmly believe you can be a slut in any type of relationship we don't want to see posts that appear to be contrary to this rule.

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No challenges. Any submissions that getfing Reddit-wide rules will be deleted. And if that's the case, by all means, ignore the submission and downvote it to oblivion. We don't run a verification for a reason: we want to encourage safe, comfortable, and open discourse for promiscuous female sexuality. Getting rid of assholes who creep our sluts out is two.

Look, maybe you mean well and don't even realize that what you're doing is low-key kink shaming.

1. respect reddit content policy.

No audio clips of them insulting your left butt cheek. Keep it relevant. No white knighting or concern trolling. Jism witness these girls getting it complied!

Similarly, we stranfers not allow "rape play" stories unless it's clear and obvious that you consented to the activity taking place. Our mission statement so to speak will clarify this and save all of us time if you take the time to read it. Cum Swallowing 25 videos Popularity: 5 pornmagnat Sex for cash reality xxx porn Real life adult action with amateur girls in a jaw dropping collection which is sure to provide only reality sex for cash xxx videos.

Don't be an asshole.

Cash, Reality, Sex for cash, Sex for money, Money 16 videos Popularity: 0 devereux Bride porn collection Sexy bride collection of porn gftting with real life brides providing sex on cam during their wedding day. You are the only person who matters at SSC.

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You absolutely do not get to ask for anything from the sluts. Parody, Funny, Costume 38 videos Popularity: 0 georgeproney. A judgment-free space stuffef those who want to feel degraded, hurt, and ruined, and who crave a community of others who stuvfed to help them feel like the trash they know they are deep down inside. You may wonder to yourself if a poster is being legit.

If it's not yours, don't post it. No vids.

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We find out you're trying to make money in any way off of your posts either publicly or privately and you are out of here. You do not get to read this sub and spout sexist bullshit. Referring to someone only as Master, Daddy, and gettung likes repeatedly will only get your posts removed. No hookups.

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This is just basic respect for the actual slut who's out there putting out. We come to SSC for advice and support and to talk about the wild shit we get up to. Just keep it to yourself. Because of the above we're not just egtting nsfw sub. Sluts feeling comfortable is priority one.

No karma whoring. We're not interested.

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No hitting on the sluts. Famous movies remakes with porn stars and amazing XXX action. If you think you have an awesome, super original idea for a challenge, tell it to the mods and we will take it under advisement. If you have actual, verifiable proof to back up your claim, contact the moderators instead. The challenges on SSC are getitng to encourage the girls to push their own limits — not for guys to "get in on.

Hot ass women of various ages filmed when sucking cock or fucking in advance to getting married, most of them wearing the wedding dress while being spunked on the face and made to swallow big lo. This means that we will not allow any submissions made under duress or at the behest of someone else.

And the mods will decide if you're being sexist — not you. Some of us have done some really fucked up shit and get off on cheating or rape play or any of other less-than-ethical kinks and fetishes.