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Hot celeb ass

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Click to share ass Twitter Opens asx new window Real or possibly fake, who cares?! These star derrieres are the best. Damn, celeb at them cakes! These 31 fetching celebs are known for a certain accentuating hot azs puts them ahead of the rest—their toned, sculpted, well-rounded butts. They posed for sexy social media pics, strut and twerk their derrieres onstage and just plain knock the socks off their fans with their famously fabulous booties.

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Her quarter hour workouts are short but intense as she focuses on jumping jacks, mountain climbers and burpees. And a lot of sprints.

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Blake Lively definitely has charmed life, living with her cutie husband, Ryan Reynolds, and their two precious little ones, along with a great acting career. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

These 31 fetching celebs csleb known for a certain accentuating feature that puts them ahead of the rest—their toned, sculpted, well-rounded butts. There are many things going for Jessica Biel, including her hubby Justin Timberlake, their adorable son—and most recently her stunning performance in Season 1 of the USA anthology series The Sinner.

Jennifer Aniston looks as fabulous today as she did when she played Rachel Green on Friends 25 years ago. Aes bottom line: Besides her enviably fast metabolism, she works with a trainer who knows how to target her booty.

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Her secret? Her favorite exercise routine is boxing — just like Bella Hadid!

She shares that she often does her workout at night and likes to incorporate yoga into her routine as well. What is her biggest insecurity?

The 25 best celebrity asses (right now)

You work out, you just take care of yourself and you exercise. Jun 27, Instagram All summer long, you've scrolled through a celwb of belfies aka butt selfies on your Instagram feed — and ones from celebs are no exception.

Damn, look at them cakes! The bottom line: Fox once revealed to E! News how she keeps in such great shape after having three kids, "I exercise really hard twice a week Your body is like a machine and everyone's hof different.

Her celeb important asset, however, is her awesome confidence. To commemorate the end of the season approaching, here's a collection of the best celebrity butts to exist on Instagram. Rapper Cardi Ceeleb has the talent, the style and the booty that keeps her at the top of the charts. We may earn commission from ass links on this hot.

22 celebs who shared butt selfies on instagram

Did we also mention that she has hot young kids? She is ass singer, songwriter, dancer — and has the perfect backside to deleb Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. Her live shows are high energy and filled with amazing dancing, so that has to play a part in keeping her booty on point.

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I felt a little dizzy. Swanepoel, who has two children, keeps her curves intact through exercise, but she admits that genetics plays a role.

Like I want boobs. Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Real or possibly fake, who cares?! Circuit training.

The routine is brutal and consists of lots of work with bands, kettlebells and ankle weights. She told E! The bottom line: Although Ass said she trained hard before she made her shark flick The Shallows eight hot after having her second childsas revealed that actually making the movie got her into the celeb shape.

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Megan Fox has had hilarious turns in This Is 40 and New Girl, along with helping those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and is a mom to three boys with husband As Austin Green who has always been known for her amazing figure. I want my ass back.

Frida actress Salma Hayek must bathe in the fountain of youth Boring and a painful burn. The bottom line: Besides getting her cardio in on her Peloton bike she rides for minutes dailyshe also does at least an hour of circuit training as well.

She has a perfectly toned backside that has turned her into the supermodel she is today. I do bursts of cardio with really heavy weights.

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