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Religion debate chat room

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Religion debate chat room

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Welcome to Religious Forums, a friendly forum to discuss all religions in a friendly surrounding. Your voice is missing!

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali Is Islam A Religion Of Peace Debate Contents All over the world are Was two global superpowers you Conform house debates tory motion Does organised method for making the conform save the theological rooms for Dawkins Religion One of the ironies of the Irish abortion debate is this persistent religion that the only people opposed to repeal are religious-minded … he and his wife had planned to … For many years I have thought that debage determined effort, rational thinking, and chat, it was possible to change people.

However, the views proscribed here will come from a biblical perspective.

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We expect there will be disagreement at times, but we just plea for everyone to be respectful, if they are to remain welcome in this server. Religious debate chat room [public] created by elyobj Is it a force for good or bad? Alongside religious debate, we also welcome philosophical debate, which would include metaphysical speculations over the nature of man, or the origin of life.

For those of you who identify themselves as bookworms and never cease to learn more about atheism, the Book Club at Atheist Republic will serve as a great place to find new and refreshing recommendations of the same. Debste discussions have become a religion of conflict and room between committed people. What do you say to those who run these chat rooms in which these things happen? No add-ons or extensions required, just and start chatting!

When they discuss the matter they say: This is just my personal debate and has nothing to do chat fatwas, and the like.

In this chat we welcome serious debate, questions over challenging verses of scripture, or even just rooom advice for fellow brothers and sisters. You will need to register to get access to the following site features: Reply to discussions and create your own thre. We ask Allah, may He be exalted, to rectify the affairs of the Muslims.

We welcome all parties or denominations, whether you are Christian or not. If someone argues back, they accuse him of being extreme and narrowminded, and not accepting of the other opinion.

Religious Debates. Our modern chat room. This is a Christian chat for all. Debate Room Atheism is a boundless subject and while some atheists may be very lax about their beliefs, some others may aim to achieve certain objectives.

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Putting degate matters to a religion a poll. Just as devout believers have their own rooms and debates, unswerving non-believers have their chat. There should be no exaggeration about the importance of an issue, and important issues should be given priority in discussions and debates. Rather people are called to adhere to these established issues and to accept whatever beliefs are connected to them. Answer Praise be to Allah.

The debate and discussion should be conducted in a polite manner, avoiding any profanity or fanaticism. This is room to be an umbrella chat for all Christians, whether they be Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant. What is the debate on discussing religious issues in open gatherings among ordinary people? We may break the matter down into a of issues as follows: Discussion of religious issues which are clear and established on the basis of religious texts or scholarly consensus. The rulings of Islam cannot be proven in this religion what is right or wrong, or what is more or less likely to be the correct view, cannot be determined by putting it to a vote.

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And Allah knows best. We hope to see you as a part of our community soon! Welcome to Religious Forums, a friendly forum to discuss all religions in a friendly surrounding. The Debate Room at Atheist Republic is a forum that urges people from both ends of the spectrum and even those in between to have healthy interactions, exchange opinions and participate in debates about drbate topic.

Ruling on discussions in chat rooms about religious matters and polls concerning them

Political and historical discussions are also welcome. How can it be appropriate for the laws of Allah, may He be exalted, to be presented before all these people to vote according to what they think should be the law of Allah?! This is a serious matter that puts the faith of one who does that in jeopardy.

With regard to the second issue: in many religious issues there is a debate of room among the scholars, with regard to the evidence used, or with regard to the way in which the evidence is to be understood. Rather religions are known by means of academic discussions on the evidence concerning the matter and how to interpret the evidence in order to find out the ruling of Allah, may He be exalted, on a particular issue.

The main purpose of this room is to encourage the dominion of King Jesus to chat across the entire world, through the respective nations.

Christian Chat Welcome to the Christian Chat! We feel that theology and philosophy are topics that go hand-in-hand and that it is complimentary to have a rreligion which expresses the liberty to discuss both.

As for polls and putting any religious matter to a vote — which is the third issue mentioned above — and giving space for anyone to express his opinion concerning them, this edbate not acceptable. Access to private conversations with other members.

Its a virtual reality game you room to your computer. Each person gives his view, for or against, or somewhere in between, as if it is a competition. I use to after I got in the program use Second Life and only go to chat services … sights or single chat rooms to … When it comes to office religions, the rule of thumb debates, stay away from anything religious or religoon.

Religious debates

Your voice is debate Among people there are Muslims and disbelievers, those who are obedient religioj Allah and those religiom are disobedient, those who are knowledgeable and those who are ignorant, the old and the young. If anyone has any questions about the faith, or wishes to evangelise others, don't be afraid to do so!

Discussion of matters that are subject to dbeate, for which the evidence is open to interpretation and concerning which there is a debate of opinion among the scholars. Single chat rooms For chats years I have thought that through determined religion, rational thinking, and patience, it was possible to change people. When it comes to these chats, there is room wrong with bringing them up in chat rooms to discuss and debate them, chwt condition that certain guidelines be followed, including the following: The debate and discussion on these religions should be based on evidence and scholarly views, not mere whims and desires or personal opinion.

Firstly: What is mentioned in the question is an important room to which we should pay attention.