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Roommate wanted ad example

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Roommate wanted ad example

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Nothing is worse than posting a Roommate Wanted Ad and getting…zero responses. It can be especially troubling if you have a large apartment and will, quite possibly, get stuck paying the full rent. Or even having to move to a wantec apartment would be a royal pain. The wantd should be full of information that captures attention of prospective roommates and explains why they want to live there. No experience writing a roommate wanted ad?

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Roommate wanted: writing the ad

Placing a targeted advertisement will help you get the ideal roommate and avoid a roommate nightmare. The living situation needs to be mutually beneficial.

Be as specific as possible and make sure to include any additional fees such as utilities or cleaning costs. Things like pool and work out room are examples. Into yoga, relaxing, and spending time in roommate sun walking my dog.

Sample roommate wanted ad

Information About Transportation Do you live near bus stops or subway stations? Cable tv and wifi included in rent. Would a sink full of dirty dishes drive you crazy? As a service You as potential roommates to contact you without sharing too much information.

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Below are some suggestions on putting together an awesome ad! Believe it or not, when people read your advertisement, they also get an impression of your personality, so keep a friendly open tone to the your writing to attract more roommates. Think about the behavior and lifestyle of your ideal roommate.

Are you a night owl? You can include a line about references with the financial information, which may detract otherwise unsavory potential roommates. Water, sewage, Wi-Fi internet and parking are all included in rent!

The complex is pet-friendly, with room santed a dog. Towards the end of your ad, include financial information about renting with you. My new roommate will have access to the common areas of the home, living room, kitchen and bathroom. In fact, your ad may not get posted since it could get the publisher in trouble too.

Pets If you have pets, mention this — and also mention whether or not pets are allowed by you or your landlord and how much the deposit will be. If this sounds like it might suit you, contact me.

Sample roommate wanted ad

But, you want to get the right roommate. Roommate candidates must authorize the background check but let them edample that is mandatory before moving forward in the process.

Make sure to convey expected behavior in the advertisement. The Roommates: Early 20s females. This will make it easy to ignore people that may not be right for wantec space. Listing specifics such as nonsmoker, male or female, and attributes is very important and can help you run avoid uncomfortable situations down the road.

Example of a good roommate advertisement

Including pictures of the space you are advertising can also help attract potential roommates. Are there amenities such as a balcony or fireplace? And take note: a good friend does not always a good roommate make… Your roommate wanted ad is the best way to ensure wxample future roommate will be more friend than foe.

Do you want people to call, e-mail, text, or DM you? It might seem like you are being picky to include the type of roommate you want, but the point of your ad is roommqte attract someone with whom you can live. Proper contact information- Try to use if you can.

This will help protect your privacy. Inform readers of the type of building, the location, and the neighborhood. Require credit and criminal history Make sure your ad indicates that you will be doing a background wwnted.

Keep your headline short and to the point. Sharing your apartment with a morning person could lead to conflict over time.

Provide accurate information in the ad

Give a brief synopsis of you and your roommates — People who read your ad want to know more about you. Mention the location of the property and wanted conveniences, if any — How far is eanted A bad roommate situation, on the other hand, can send your stress levels soaring. These tips will help you place and write your ad — and help you follow through once you find the right applicant. We hope you find these steps useful when writing a Roommate Wanted Roommate Mention how accessible your apartment is to mass transit because your potential roommate might have to rely on this to get to work.


Nothing is worse than posting a Roommate Wanted Ad and getting…zero responses. The internet is a very visual place, where people look at pictures before they read. By posting on Exampke.

How to write a successful roommate advertisement

It can be especially troubling if you have a large apartment and will, quite wantsd, get stuck paying the full rent. Are there grocery stores nearby?

Best of all, posting is free, and you can keep the ad up as long as you need to.