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Sexy boys sucking men stories

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Sexy boys sucking men stories

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My wife and I have a very good sexual life and have been open with each other about what and who we have ever had any sexual experience with. This has led to a great and very hot sex life. With that said I am going to skcking about my very first experience with an older male. I was 16 years old, had had sex with girls before but not many, only two or three times so I was not very experienced. I was out with some friends one night, we had gone to the local roller skating rink, we were having fun and trying to pick up girls. Well it was more watching them and wishing.

Name: Gerhardine
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My first time sucking dick (true story)

This ended our friendship and I started dating her for three months. I said I guess so, I said I have never done anything like this. With that said I am going to tell about my very first experience with an older male. I thought to myself that I had, had thoughts secy about what it was like to have sex with another man.

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After he was done unloading down my throat, Shawn said, "Damn, that was the best head i ever had" and rubbed his fingers on my wet lips and instinctively, I licked them. When I felt how big and hard it was, I sfories a little bit intimidated because he was obviously bigger than me. I had gone about another mile when biys car pulls over just ahead.

Where you know, without a doubt, this is one of the core purposes of your life.

He moved maybe an inch back and then I felt it: warm sticky cum. If you eat out a woman you are cheating. It was magnificent, I was so fucking turned on I reached over to feel his cock.

I'm straight and suck cock!

I was simply where I was meant to be He stood up and fucked my mouth a few turns and then shoved me all the way down his pipe. I mean the story turned me on, but I assumed it was because of the wife who got double penetrated later. I did not want to stop sucking it and I wanted to see just how xucking I could take in my mouth.

I was turned on and could not help what I was feeling.

I sure couldn't say to a buddy, 'Hey, I'm kind of curious about sucking cock, can I snack on yours? I mean I boyd seen other guys dicks before, like when I was on the football team and we would take showers together and how all the guys would try to look at another guys dick to see how big or if they were big or small.

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He aexy his seat all the way back and said here put your hand around my cock. This thing was easily 7. Am I straight, bi, gay?

He looked over at my cock bulging through my jeans, he puts his hand on my leg and runs it up to my cock. He just laid back and smiled, I picked up his huge dick and slid my hand up and down his shaft, he started pinching his nipples and then running his fingers around the very tips of them. After a while, Shawn started suvking me through my jeans.

To call it cathartic doesn't do it justice. Hence, whisky-dick. A year after I got to spend two weeks fucking her.

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I fell onto the ground, panting and trying to catch my breath. He asked, do you like sucking my cock? He said I am Lee, nice to meet you.

Linda was five foot three, one hundred and twenty pounds and very sexual. He started to undress me and pulled my pants down. I clicked on one and he lived a few miles away.

Having my first male experience at 16, my first cock, it was big

I said its okay. So I started walking. He said I know a place we can go, its right up here. A few weeks later Shawn caught me and Paige making out. Excited as hell. He told me to just suck the head really hard and fast.

I sat down on by recliner and pulled off my pants and Tom happily helped. He said I find that hard to believe, a good looking guy like you, I bet you get a lot of girls.

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At first I pushed the idea out as silly and gay, but the idea resisted getting pushed away, and instead the seed began to grow. Thank God for Craigslist. When we got up the road he said get out.