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Songs about losing the one you love

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Songs about losing the one you love

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That is the beauty of a song. There are highs and lows.

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Some people are gone entirely too soon. I miss you!

For many people the effects of a broken relationship linger. They might move on and find someone else. Things may not be how they used to be.

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So says this song in which a man still wonders why his lover left, as he desperately struggles with his memories of her. He misses her and is having a hard time moving on because everywhere he goes there are reminders of her sweet tenderness. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye — Patty Loveless If you need help moving on from your exlisten to this song as it reminds us that life is always changing and nothing stays the same forever. If you're still having a hard time, read our picks for the best books on grief to help you get through.


25 deliciously sad songs about missing someone you love

I just don't know what to do. Sad songs help you get in that hepace. Related Music Industry Guides:.

We now live a stone's throw from my parents and other family. Why should I be frightened of dying? There is good and bad. They just want things to be the way they used to be — hang out on the weekends, or whatever. This song emphasizes hindsight in a broken love relationship, highlighting the man's desire to make things right: Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong and I just can't live without you It could be for a variety of reasons.

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And, every time that special someone is away, you miss them. Living hundreds of miles from relatives, we visited them once or twice a year. Faithfully — Journey This song is a power ballad for when you feel like you will love your ex forever and you will always be there for them. The only place he ever declined to move was Utah.

What is your favorite song to listen to when you are going through a tragic event in life?

Dealing with the loss of something or someone — a family member, a good friend, a beloved pet, or sometimes even reading about strangers in the news — can be hurtful and devastating. This song cleverly describes some of them, from the mundane to the unusual, because "I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can. It can also represent the emotional distance that exists between two people.

It asks the age-old question: can anyone find [you] somebody to love? Remember everyone goes through heartbreak, even famous purveyors of popular music!

Songs about missing someone you love

You can read our selections of popular funeral songs and the best songs about death for more. This is a great song to play for your spouse. Yesterday — The Beatles One for when you have just broken up and you want your relationship to go back to normal, the way it was yesterday. What would thw do? Couples must overcome challenges to stay together, enduring through the thick and the thin.

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They also talk about hoping to see someone again. Corporate nom eventually find their oasis, and it's rarely at the top of the organizational ladder. Would it be the same If I saw you in aabout

She has missed him so badly that it makes you think she is a little crazy herself. Better Together — Jack Johnson If you think that times were better when you were still with your ex, then this song is for you.

Suddenly, you stop hearing from them. Oftentimes, the best sad song can be one that moves you, whether through melody or messages. For example, music is a great way to relieve stress, add laughter and joy, and motivation to keep going.

When missing loved ones becomes a lifestyle

Behind the upbeat melody, the artists express the pain of missing someone. Missing someone you love due to a move, business travel, relationship separation or break-up, military deployment, or death? The young man offers her long-distance love as well as encouragement to keep hanging in there for two more years until they can be together again. Missing You — Diana Ross If someone has left you and you still wonder why and where they could be now, listen to Diana Ross sing her heart out asking the same questions.