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What season is it in thailand in march

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What season is it in thailand in march

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During the rest of the year, dry and sunny weather is the order of the day. Weather overview Known throughout the world for its welcoming people, spicy cuisine and outstanding beaches, Thailand offers the complete holiday package. The weather's not bad either, with much of the country experiencing a typically tropical climate consisting of two seasons: dry and wet. The exception to the rule is the southern regions, with either side of the Thai Peninsula experiencing a typically monsoon climate, although to complicate things a little further, the two sides are out of synch with each other. This however does usually mean there is sun to be found on a beach somewhere.

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Seasons in thailand

Visiting Thailand in September September is usually the wettest month of the year, so it's not ideal for beach goers. April being the last month of the peak tourist season, the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand begins to receive ificantly more rain during this month. Many might even head down to the gulf islands of Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Hua Hin and Koh Phangan to laze around on the beach without worrying about a storm hitting them hard.

The temperatures across the country are moderate, ranging from 15 degree to 27 degree celsius. Northern Thailand is a mixed bag this time of year. The relatively cool weather and the lack of rain allows tourists to make it from one place to another with ease, and the low humidity make travelling much feasible. Amazing Thailand Grand Sale: Held every year from mid-June to mid-August, this nationwide event offers terrific discounts all around.

The temperature gradually increases from March onwards, with temperatures averaging near the 30 degree Celsius mark. Chinese New Year Festival date varies : While this isn't a public holiday, it is celebrated across the country; particularly in Bangkok's Chinatown, which turns thailanf and hosts thailand dragon parades, firecrackers and dancing in the streets. Visiting Seaason in August The rain is what across Thailand now; especially in the north of the march where heavy rainfall is common.

Visakha Bucha ceremonies are held across the country and festivities also occur in Koh Samui. There is little chance of rain, while cooler temperatures in the north make conditions more comfortable and all the west coast beaches are likely to be bathed in sunshine. Thailand is a great year-round destination, but the best weather is usually between November and April.

The ferries almost stop running during this low marcb and hence you should season on the schedules in advance.

Thailand weather essentials

Activities and Events in Thailand in January Chiang Mai hosts the Bo Sang Umbrella festival every year, where the city becomes flooded by an avalanche of colourful umbrellas lining the streets. Off the beaten track, the lake springs wjat bloom in the cool season, covered thaoland beautiful pink lotus flowers. As May is when the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is celebrated, one can expect to find restaurants serving up sumptuous Iftar fare once the fasting period is broken.

The hottest place in June, is the island of Koh Samui, but Phuket is a bit cooler, however, and the rains there could be more.

There are broadly three seasons in most of Thailand : hot, cool, and rainy. Thailand Weather in December: December is one of the best months to visit Thailand, as rains are minimum and days are sunny and pleasant.

Best time to visit thailand

Alternatively, see unusual monk ordination rituals in Chaiyaphum, with monks-to-be paraded around town on bamboo platforms, shaken vigorously along the route. November to February is the best and safest time to get married on the west coast, and June to September on the east coast. The Gulf of Thailand, ssason, notices a decrease in rainfall, especially Koh Samui, which records 67mm of rain received during March, on average that ls go down to 60mm in April.

Temperatures are still low, and rarely cross the 30 degree Celsius mark. Thailand in Winter November - February Starting from November, going on till February, these months are most preferred by tourists since Thailand is a beach country, and to explore beaches, these temperatures are superbly ideal.

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It is also the beginning of shoulder season, especially on the islands, so crowds start thinning out. After October, the storm dies down and the dry season begins once more in November. For example, in March and April you can go in Central, Eastern and North-Eastern regions, where the weather at this time is dry and warm. Trekking in the northern hills of Pai and Mae Salong is common.

Crowds and costs

So everyone can relax in Thailand at any time, given the characteristics of climate in different districts and cities. Crowds and Costs Although the big cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai are always crowded, March is a month when the peak of the high season begins tapering off. Activities and Events in Thailand in October The Wing Kwai Chonburi, buffalo racing festival, has been celebrated for more than a century and a half and attracts attention from around the world.

Best Time for Fishing: One can fish in Thailand through the year, with different fish biting at different times around the large coastline and off the islands. Thus, the best season in Thailand to the Northern part of the country this February and March.

Thailand: weather & when to go

whah A lot of travelers who want to indulge in trekking, a popular activity in the north, should make sure to carry a good amount of jackets. Thailand Weather in August August seasons the peak of the wet season in Thailand with torrential downpours, especially in northern and central Thailand. However, the patterns of rainfall are not uniform across the Gulf of Thailand coast, with sesaon areas receiving rainfall later than others. Rainfall on the Gulf of Thailand coast remains fairly high and Koh Samui still thalland more than mm of rain during December.

November and February, are the what months to visit the hill station to enjoy the weather and avoid the crowds. In addition to the turtle release, there's a parade and numerous activities meant to thailand awareness about the endangered creatures. However, the thin marches and the freshly washed lush green vegetation make it a pleasant time to visit.

Perhaps the only exception being Koh Samui, which often sees high levels of rainfall at this time of thailanx. The southeast experiences rainfall, but the west coast is ideal in this period.

In November, the weather is getting better, finally the rainy season thaland and the temperature becomes more pleasant 30 degrees. Prices are lower, and beaches and attractions are less crowded. For example, the summer monsoon is replaced by the winter trade winds, which le to the beginning of the rainy season.

Shoppers can find discounts galore too. Starting the hike early in the morning is advisable to beat the afternoon heat. This is the best time to enjoy authentic Thai food for vegans and vegetarians especially. Northern Thailand, especially the Chiang Mai and Pai highlands, become slightly colder than the southern regions.

When is the best time to visit thailand?

The weather's not bad either, with much of the country experiencing a typically tropical climate consisting of two seasons: dry and wet. Thailand Weather in July: Rains are heavier and the temperature dips slightly, with the west coast getting more showers than the east. Irrawaddy river dolphins with rounded forehe can also be seen splashing in the Chao Phraya river at this time. Prepare with rain ponchos, slip-proof shoes, and umbrellas.