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What to do when you say something you regret

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What to do when you say something you regret

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Often, we try to stop ourselves but our minds get the better of us. Even if you regrret able to mend it later, the scars are bound to remain. Speaking up may give you momentary satisfaction, but the consequences might sonething you through a lot of trouble. It is worth following these rules to avoid any harm that maybe caused later: Image : shutterstock Humour helps While it may sound annoying while discussing something serious, humour always solves the issue. However, ensure that you do not go overboard with it.

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Moving forward in a positive direction allows you to reach outside of yourself to love and give more to the people around you.

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This gives you time to think over what has been told as well as what is going to be told. Often, we try to stop ourselves but our minds get the better of us. Complaining about a negative situation is another. Riiight, just ahen the kids, is it? Practice: Breathe into the emotions with rgeret and talk to yourself with kindness. Ideally the transformation would occur at the level of thought, so words would never have to be checked at the door, as it were.

Everyone makes mistakes.

How to avoid saying something you may regret later

Step 1: Meet the Emotion with Compassion Self-compassion helps calm feelings of shame and inadequacy because it talks the language of emotion. In that moment, I was exhausted from a tough work out that I struggled with.

And I end up feeling like a blathering fool. True, we all like to react immediately to various situations, but it is how we respond to them that makes all the difference.

Step 1: meet the emotion with compassion

Research from the Compassionate Mind Foundation shows that when you speak to yourself with kindness and understanding, you actually build the courage and conscious awareness to take corrective action where needed. This will help you to speak reasonable things and avoid being rude. Speaking up may give you momentary satisfaction, but the consequences might put you through a lot of trouble.

Check out your authentic self-worth on her website with her short and evidence-based quiz. But why? Enabling yourself via 1 to have a thoughtful response means taking control of the situation and not letting your subconscious run your life. I speak with frustration or anger. She has founded Life Suture, a website dedicated to providing people with the tools and knowledge to create healthy and fulfilled lives.

Step 2: listen to an emotion’s message with curiosity

We might regret it later, thinking about how we made a fool eegret ourselves. Each of us experiences life through our own unique lens. Thankfully, self-awareness kicked in so I could create a second chance to choose well. Engaging in pleasing or perfecting behaviors can get rid of some of the anxiety or guilt but makes us more vulnerable to similar situations over time.

You may realize that you can safely let go of the thought and move on. Take a deep breath.

Regret something you said (or didn’t say)? what to do about it

The way we show up as our best selves is to listen to the message the emotion is trying to convey. Want to make your startup journey smooth? Oh, to have only true, kind and necessary thoughts! But if you worry about what you could have done differently or shame yourself for making a mistake you can get stuck repeating yyou from your past.

The trigger is usually only half of the problem. It may not feel authentic initially, but practice is key! Being aware of these personal vulnerabilities is what contributes to tremendous personal growth over the long run.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below in the comment section. Until then, this quote is going up on our fridge as a regular reminder for me to tick all three boxes before speaking. Eventually you might end up regretting sharing information with irrelevant people. Who knows. Everyone has these days.

Own up to your mistake and take responsibility. Inevitably, I end up speaking things that may well be true and kind, but are certainly not necessary. Gossip fits well into this category. And a part of this is making the choice to engage in self-correcting behavior and show your true character. They usually fit into one of three womething I speak to avoid the discomfort of silence.

Maybe some of them were even grateful?