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Wild wallet app review

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Wild wallet app review

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Presentation Welcome to the new remunerative app: Wild Wallet! The principle is very dild you download applications free to earn points or watch videos and then you exchange these famous points for real money!

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Cards - mobile wallet

The principle is very simple: you download applications free to earn points or watch videos and then you exchange these famous points for real money! Bar codes should be accessible with just wallt tap after opening the app, not 2 or 3.

Wild Wallet has a variety of apps available that you can download, but most are game apps. It will not show any card information, including the taken photos without an internet connection. Does what it says on the can.

And it seems like it just got worse along the way and the company has revoew to recover from it. To reproduce, just force-close the app, activate flight mode and try to load any cards. You just need to download the apps found inside and use them for a while to get paid.

Thanks guys! So you cannot even take a screenshot as a protective measure for situations with known bad reception.

Related Articles. I just try some apps or even play games and then receiving the PayPal money or Amazon Gift cards.

The website will likely shut down soon since the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To register, you would just need to log in with your Facebook or Google Plus.

Wild wallet

Brenda R. It was fine yesterday. You can refer friends worldwide and earn more!

My first issue with the Wild Wallwt app is that it has transitioned into a scam opportunity that you should stay away from. Presentation Welcome to the new remunerative app: Wild Wallet! The minimum cash out is also not mentioned on the app, but some are saying you will need 5, credits. Today I've got to create a new !!!

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You would just be wasting your time and effort with Wild Wallet, and you can use it for opportunities that are so much better. For people like you, Wild Wallet provides an opportunity to make some money using your mobile phones.

The of credits you can earn will vary on the sallet that you will be downloading. Is the Wild Wallet App to be Recommended? There is no export feature either.

If you want to download it, you absolutely need to go to their website, download it from their and manually allow the app to be installed on your device. But, if they click on the link and Wild Wallet and use your referral ap, you will earn credits as well for every person who s.

Product details

When one of your referrals reaches points, he gets free points and you too! So what are you waiting for?! Aug 24, By rand0mcharact3r5 Good app for what it does, though not without large problems. Everything has disappeared.

Probably the one good thing they had going before things went south was that the rewards they offer are enticing. The main way to earn with the Wild Wallet app is by downloading and using apps. Some apps will pay you 25 credits, while others will pay you 30 credits.

So regardless on whether the app is legit or a scam, I would still have advised you to stay aallet from this app and look at different opportunities. Fake, fake fake.

The credits you earn can be redeemed for willd rewards. Older review: A recent update of the app has wiped all of my cards. Have fun!

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Reaching this will likely take you about a week, or even longer, depending on the available apps to be downloaded. Some requirements will include reaching a certain level, accomplishing a goal, and many more. Tapping my phone as this app says does nothing except error the payment machine. You're not able to take a screen shot to store it yourself outside of the app, forcing you to rely on the app to get your own information.

UK Wild Wallet gave me an opportunity to quit my half-time job and start earning at home.